Work Packages

Dissemination and Communication


To maximise the impact of the project’s results through engaging and targeted communication, dissemination, and exploitation activities across all WPs. To facilitate the optimal use of the AquaINFRA research results in science and policymaking supporting the overall goal of obtaining healthy oceans, seas coastal and inland waters.

7.1 - Design and development of project identity & website

Design and develop a strong project identity. Project logo, colour schemes and fonts will constitute the project identity (brand). The AquaINFRA project website will be designed, developed, launched, and maintained as part of this task. The website will be maintained for 4 years after the project has ended with ongoing content.

7.2 - The development of a comprehensive Outreach, Communication and Dissemination plan

A comprehensive outreach, communication and dissemination plan will be developed to cover both internal and external project communication. The plan will define the key messages of the project, clearly identify specific target end-user groups, and define the most appropriate one and two-way channels of communication, dissemination, and exploitation. The plan will be reviewed during the project.

7.3 - Graphics and communication materials toolbox

This task is about the implementation of the channels of communication identified in the AquaINFRA Plan for the dissemination and exploitation. They will consist of a combination of graphics materials and communication strategies that will provide a comprehensive toolbox for effective outreach and dissemination to end-users and stakeholders.

7.4 - Communicating use-case demonstrators

Communicating the individual demonstrators to specific user groups to increase uptake and validation. Individual campaigns will be created to support to communication and exploitation of the demonstrators and work with existing ‘known communities’ to further exploit the developed pilots and increase the awareness of the services developed in specific fields.

7.5 - Communicating the AquaINFRA services

A separate plan will be created to manage a campaign to communicate and exploit the services created. This will be separate to the overall communication plan as it will focus on the new services and support long term uptake and use of the services.