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HELCOM - The Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission

HELCOM - The Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission

The Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission – also known as the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) – is an intergovernmental organisation and a regional sea convention in the Baltic Sea area. A regional platform for environmental policymaking, HELCOM was established in 1974 to protect the marine environment of the Baltic Sea from all sources of pollution.

HELCOM's field of expertise is handling specific topics related to the Baltic Sea’s environment, human activities and pressures from the catchment area or maritime activities. The HELCOM Working Groups and affiliated Expert Groups are major contributors to HELCOM’s work, gathering science and technical expertise and translating their findings into policies, strategies or recommendations. HELCOM also coordinates regional monitoring and assessment work related to the Baltic Sea and has an extensive Map and Data Service.

The HELCOM team will contribute to several work packages in AquaINFRA and lead task 5.2 of WP5 on Regional Use Cases. HELCOM also has expertise in the area of data services provision and will play a role in WP3 on Data Discovery and Access System, along with the development of an interactive platform under WP4.


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