Work Packages

AquaINFRA Interaction Platform, integration & processing


The goal of WP4 is to develop an interactive platform (AIP) that enables the access to data and services. Subsequently, physical, chemical, and biological connectivity as well as Earth Observations will be integrated across the European hydrography as a standard feature in the EOSC services and data with an aquatic perspective. This will be done via the development of tools which will ensure that teleconnections and temporal lag-effects given the longitudinal and lateral connectivity in the data regarding, e.g., hydrologic or pollution events are accounted for, and allow moving beyond state-of-the-art by analysing Earth system science, socio-economic and biodiversity aspects from an aquatic perspective in concert.

4.1 - Build AIP and VRE-canvas

This task will take care of developing the AIP as the central gateway of the AquaINFRA project and the VRE and its integrated workflow canvas.

4.2 - Build an infrastructure accounting for the seamless connectivity across the pan-European hydrography

In this task, a seamless and generic connectivity service across the pan-European hydrography including inland and marine waters will be established.

4.3 - Attach Earth system science, socioeconomic and biodiversity data to the hydrography

This task integrates Earth system science, EO, socio-economic and biodiversity data (harvested and harmonised in WP3) into the seamless hydrography. Data types to be integrated include gridded geospatial products from e.g. Copernicus, as well as point/irregular shaped data along the hydrography.

4.4 - Build pan-EU geo-spatial services

This task will develop generic, pan-European geo-spatial services based on data from T4.2 allowing the research community to capitalize on the connectivity service and the DDAS from WP3.

1 - Technical guidelines for EOSC integration
2 - Minimum Viable Product (MVP) release of the AquaINFRA DDAS
3 - MVP release of the AquaINFRA Data Space
4 - Final release of the AquaINFRA Data Space
5 - AquaINFRA AIP and VRE pilot operational
6 - Common framework for use case requirements