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Technical coordination and alignment


The aim of this work Package is to ensure technical coordination and alignment of the overall AquaINFRA technical architecture, and the integration and interoperability with related projects and initiatives. It is an objective to integrate directly with EOSC to facilitate the usage of and integration with the EOSC-Core components and services and with EOSC Exchange. It is further an objective to be interoperable with the solutions from the emerging Digital Twin of the Ocean community and to ensure both that AquaINFRA can use DTO solutions and that AquaINFRA will provide FAIR data and models into the DTO community.

2.1 - Technical Coordination and alignment

This task will be responsible for:

  • Technical Coordination of the project to avoid silos
  •  Steering and definition of the AquaINFRA technical architecture
  • Liaisons with relevant initiatives related to restoring healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters and EOSC.

This Task will be responsible for establishing and maintaining a regular dialogue with all the initiatives and projects technically relevant for AquaINFRA. Among the others:

  • ILIAD/EDITO, Blue-Cloud, ODYSSEA, EMODnet, ERIC (EMBRC, EMSO, Euro-Argo, LifeWatch)
  • Geospatial standardisation with OGC and ISO/TC211 – including impact on new Cloud-Native Geospatial – with use of COG, ZARR, COPC, STAC and Data Cubes.
  • Standardisation with StandICT and ISO SC41 IoT and DT, ISO SC 42 AI and Big Data
  • Big Data, IoT and AI associations: BDVA, AIOTI, ADRA and CLAIRE
  • EOSC Future, FAIRCORE4EOSC and the awarded project in the EOSC Procurement call for technical aspects related to the EOSC-Core
  • The EOSC Association: To ensure technical strategic alignment between AquaINFRA and EOSC A, the EOSC A CTO will be invited to the relevant meetings of the AquaINFRA Technical Team.

2.2 - Integration with EOSC

This task will document and deliver all the access points of the AquaINFRA components to EOSC to facilitate the usage of and integration with the EOSC-Core (Resource Catalogue, Marketplace, AAI Federation, Order Management, Helpdesk, Monitoring, Accounting) and the EOSC Exchange. The focus of this task will be a) to retrieve EOSC specifications for the AquaINFRA components and ensure compliance with the EOSC-related policies (e.g. EOSC PID Policy, EOSC interoperability Framework, FAIR principles applied in alignment with EOSC, etc.), b) to test the different APIs for interaction with EOSC.

2.3 - Interoperability with Digital Twin of the Ocean

This task will ensure interoperability with the Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO) projects and initiatives EDITO, ILIAD and DITTO – and ensure that the AquaINFRA data and services will be provided as input to these for the further integration into the respective Digital Twin frameworks and solutions. It will also facilitate for the use of relevant DTO data and services to be used for AquaINFRA.

1 - Technical guidelines for EOSC integration
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