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Community engagement and capacity building


Engage with the marine and freshwater research communities contributing to restoring healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters to build capacity in using and contributing to EOSC services, thereby making open and FAIR data the new norm in this domain and fostering EOSC's development into a trusted research and innovation data space and service platform.

6.1 - Coordination of all community engagement activities

Provide a point of contact for the project for the community; participate in all use cases to identify intersection points and similarities. Using surveys, expert meetings, and open web-based peer-review process documents to foster harmonisation between freshwater and marine scientific tradition (including emerging technologies such as AI-plankton imaging, and application of state-of-the-art algorithms to Copernicus data for both inland/shallow water and ocean colour data.

6.2 - Development of modular open educational resources (OERs)

Create a catalogue of existing OERs on EOSC that are relevant for the marine, coastal, and freshwater communities and develop new materials based on the results from T6.1. Implement materials directly in the AquaINFRA VRE as interactive tutorials that will be combined into a self-paced course on a publicly accessible platform such as

6.3 - Organisation and implementation of capacity building measures

In conjunction with WP7, organise joint expert workshops with representation from the freshwater, coastal, and marine domains to identify user needs and co-design best-practice examples. In the second half of the project, set up hackathons for students and early-career researchers and organise reproducibility competitions for researchers at all stages, challenging them to re-create previous studies in support of healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters a completely open and reproducible way.

6.4 - Coordination with other initiatives

Establish an active bilateral engagement with related initiatives and projects, including national RDIs, standardisation organisations, relevant EU partnerships, relevant projects, as well as RDM organisations such as or Relationships will be established with representatives from each of the identified initiatives and projects, as they will be key to the deployment of the AquaINFRA services in the EOSC space and integration with the various architectures and services in the domain.

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