AquaINFRA Event

EOSC Winter School 2024: Fostering Collaborative Endeavours in Horizon Europe EOSC Projects

Start: January 29th, 2024

End: February 1st, 2024

The EOSC Winter School stands as a testament to fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and shared knowledge among a network of Horizon Europe EOSC-linked projects. It's an unparalleled opportunity for participants to engage in a dynamic environment, exploring collaborative avenues and enhancing their collective impact within the EOSC framework.

The core objective of the Winter School is to delve into specific technical areas while emphasizing the critical integration of the EOSC-A Task Forces’ deliverables into ongoing and upcoming projects. This strategic alignment aims to cultivate a comprehensive understanding among participants while ensuring the continuity and practical application of the Task Forces’ invaluable work.

The event's approach is structured around short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. In the short term, participants will gain immediate insights, providing essential feedback for ongoing processes. The medium-term objectives involve collaborative planning and support mechanisms geared towards forthcoming projects. Finally, the long-term vision is to fortify the sustainability of INFRAEOSC projects' impact pathways, thus ensuring a lasting and meaningful influence.

By emphasizing this strategic approach, the Winter School aims to leave a lasting impression on the EOSC deployment landscape. It's not just about immediate comprehension; it's about fostering an environment where knowledge assimilation, strategic planning, and sustained application converge to create a significant and enduring impact.

Participants will engage in focused sessions, interactive workshops, and collaborative discussions that aim to cultivate a deeper understanding of specific technical domains and reinforce the integration of Task Forces’ outputs. The Winter School serves as a pivotal platform for forging lasting connections, sharing insights, and collectively shaping the future trajectory of EOSC-related initiatives.

AquaINFRA Participation

AquaINFRA partners, Merret Buurman (IGB) and Kaori Otsu (CREAF) will particpate in Opportunity Area 4 (OA4) on User and Resource Environments; one of the key concepts of EOSC.

Sadra Matmir (HSBO) will participate in Opportunity Area 5 (OA5) on Skills, Training, Rewards, Recognition & Upskilling.

EOSC Winter School 2024: Fostering Collaborative Endeavours in Horizon Europe EOSC Projects