AquaINFRA Event

EGU General Assembly 2024

Start: April 13th, 2024

End: April 18th, 2024

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2024 will take place from April 14th to April 19th, 2024, in Vienna, Austria, along with an option to attend online.

The EGU General Assembly 2024 is designed as a convergence point for geoscientists globally, fostering collaboration across all facets of Earth, planetary, and space sciences. It endeavours to establish a vibrant forum where scientists, particularly early career researchers, can showcase their work and engage in discussions with experts spanning the diverse spectrum of geoscience disciplines.

This assembly aims to provide a dynamic platform for the exchange of ideas, the presentation of cutting-edge research, and the exploration of novel concepts. It serves as a melting pot of knowledge, encouraging dialogue, and collaboration among geoscientists from various backgrounds and expertise areas.

AquaINFRA at the EGU 2024

AquaINFRA partners, Creaf, will convene 2 sessions during the event.

Abstract submission deadline: 10th January 2024 13:00 CET

ESSI3.2: Open Science research environments towards seamless interactions across Earth science platforms

Co-organized by GI1

Convener: Kaori OtsuECS | Co-conveners: Marie-Francoise Voidrot, Ingo Simonis, Piotr Zaborowski

The growing adoption of FAIR and Open Science practices in Europe presents challenges in integrating diverse platforms and stakeholders' interests. The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has issued an information request for the Open Science Persistent Demonstrator (OSPD) initiative, aiming to foster collaboration among platform providers, users, and researchers to enable seamless interaction and cooperation across various platforms. This session highlights the importance of common standards like OGC to integrate domain-specific and multidisciplinary applications, showcasing case studies on scientific workflows within Earth science platforms and addressing challenges and opportunities associated with initiatives like EOSC, ESFRI, GEOSS, and Copernicus services in promoting Open Science.

HS6.10: Innovative technologies using remote sensing data for water management applications PICO

Co-organized by ESSI4

Convener: Lluís Pesquer | Co-conveners: Ann van Griensven, Ioana Popescu

The session seeks advancements in remote sensing for water management across various scales, aiming to overcome limitations like quality and accessibility that hinder its utilization by water managers. Researchers are encouraged to enhance remote sensing products' quality, focusing on finer resolution mapping and improved assessments of water resources while also exploring uncertainty analysis, diverse data sources, and innovative techniques for better access and understanding of water-related data, especially in human-water interactions and climate change impacts on the water cycle.

Vienna, Austria and Online

EGU General Assembly 2024